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You’re on the path to play in the big league of Social Commerce where real money is made by partnering
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The only company that keeps its distributors IN-FLOW with generous compensation and support.


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Why I should know more about Rain International?

  • Company was founded 11/11/2011 and it is widely known as a very stable company with unlimited potential for expansion.
  • In these years, Rain international have produced more than $200 million in sales worldwide
  • There is huge opportunity to build your business in 40+ countries where Rain is operating(America, Europe, Africa, Asia)
  • This company was built by distributor for distributors with amazing leadership, products and compensation plan
  • Products of Rain International are very effective and speak by itself

What is the main focus of Rain International and their products?

  • First company on the market that is focusing 100% on seeds nutrition – World Leader in Seed Nutrition
  • Rain is a category creator(using seeds the way nobody has done it before)

All the products are highly effective and are changing people’s lives


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]We understand that you have seen hundreds and thousands of similar products on the market. So why Rain should be any different than?

When we talk about Rain products we usually don’t need to talk more then just a few seconds and than everyone wants to hear how to get those products. Why is that so?

All the products are 100% natural, GMO free, safe for all ages with all required international certificates, the highest grade manufacturing plant is producing them in Springville, Utah, USA. Products are backed with science and made after more than 20 years of researches on the ingredients that are used in the products.[/text_block]

Why I need to use Rain products?

  • Supports your immune system
  • Can significantly slow down the aging of the cells
  • Speeds up the regeneration process in the body
  • Increases energy, performance and endurance
  • Neutralizes free radical damage
  • Supports the cardiovascular functions
  • Contributes to optimal body weight
  • Relives post-exercise muscle pain
  • Helps reduce DNA damage
  • Strenghten skin tone
  • Diverse and high quality nutrients
  • Excellent source of essential fatty acids
  • Great source of Resveratrol
  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Supports overal well being

What doctors are saying about Rain products?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]”When you see what you have been looking for all along, what do you do? That’s right! You cling to it and brandish it EVERYWHERE!
Seed nutrition has brought in a new dimension to nutrition and health. With the amount of nutrients, unique chemicals and antioxidants in the black cumin seed and other seeds, there’s no wonder why the products Rain Soul and Rain Core are so amazing.
And as a medical doctor, often sad about being unable to do more for chronically ill patients, I am elated to offer these products as they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
From diabetes and hypertension to ulcers and chronic pain to fertility and healthy pregnancy to diseases of neurological origin all the way to cancers…even the process of aging is slowed down, taking you back about 11 years. Imagine that!
We must avail ourselves of these nutraceuticals and our bodies will thank us for it!”

Dr Nono Orji-Madugba[/text_block]


  • Prince Ajiboye - Ibadan
    Prince Ajiboye – Ibadan

    I was involved in a road traffic accident in 1978 resulting in a fracture of my upper left femur. 21 years later I started experiencing pain on my left knee. I was placed on pain killers which was changed whenever it was becoming ineffective. The Doctors said my knee has already damaged and so the only solution is to have a knee replacement. By that time I could not move without the aid of a walking stick.

    The last pain killer that became very efficient was Clofenac tablet which I was using in overdose of 200-400mg before I could start my day. It was by the grace of God that I didn’t develop stomach ulcer. I got Rain Soul in August of 2016 to boost my immunity using one sachet morning and night only to find out I didn’t feel any pain on the knee when I woke on the morning of the eleventh day. I dropped the walking stick and reduced the intake of the drug to 100mg. The drug is sparingly used now at just 50mg once or twice weekly as I have the need.



  • Anthonia E. - Onitsha
    Anthonia E. – Onitsha

    I’ve been a partner in rain soul and have had too many testimonies from my customers about this supplement, but now it got to me. My sister had post partum haemorrhage, and after series of treatment to no avail, we decided to use rain soul, after the first box honestly the stuff stopped. Am so grateful to Seeds Revolution team that has brought me to know about this life saving supplement

  • Chinedu A. -Lagos
    Chinedu A. -Lagos

    I struggled for over 9 years in one of the oldest Network Marketing companies in Nigeria and continued to earn peanuts. Eventually I was shown this company through the Seeds Revolution Team. Unbelievable! From the very first week I joined, I started earning. I was so excited when I received N119,000 as commission for a week. It has been so interesting.

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NO RISK – 30 day money guarantee.

First order of Rain products comes with NO RISK – 30 day money guarantee. If you don’t like products at all – you can simply return them and Rain International will refund you product cost.

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Sharing this products? Simple as 1,2,3…


Applying our Social Commerce system with this company’s amazing products will surely generate a full time passive income of over $1000 weekly in a very short period of time!


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All you need to do is to plugin to our Social Commerce system and you can start your own business leveraging the system and our amazing products. Rain system is built online so you can decide where, when and how you want to build your business. First step for you to start the business is to become RAIN DISTRIBUTOR by enrolling with one of the business packs:


When you become a business owner and independent distributor of Rain international what is next? HOW TO SHARE WITH OTHERS.

In the company we are paid in many different ways, below are explained few for your better understanding. Remember – it’s all about sharing your passion of the products with the others…it’s the same what you do on a daily base with things you like…the only difference is that by sharing Rain products company will also reward you for that!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Some people just want to do their traditional business and guess what-we have solution for those too. If you want to buy the products for discounted company price and retail them here is a great plan for you. With very attractive price of ₦1,000 per each sachet you can make around ₦5,000 profit per each box sold. If you are looking to start your business small and put few thousands of naira in your pocket on a weekly base, thats one of the ways for you.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]First way in Rain payment plan is called Customer+ Program. This program is for people who want to buy the product company price regularly. For such people, they can buy the products from the company distributors directly through their Rain personalized webshop. As Rain partner, the company pays you different stages(levels) (from ₦350 to ₦3,360) for every box purchased by your Preferred Customers from your link or your team members link. Let me give you just a little example here…if you and your team have 800 customers in this 3 different levels and each of the customer buys a box of product per month…your bank account would receive every month more than ₦800,000 just from this way of payment![/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One of the biggest game changers in the industry! FOB which is First Order Bonus. For every new partner you or your team enroll(down to 7 levels), company will pay you percentage (2% to 40%) on their first order package points. The percentage depends on the package they get started. For example if you personally enroll Elite package(they start with N475,000 pak and 20 boxes of soul), your FOB will be 40% of 500 points which is (₦56,000). The biggest power is the 7 levels leverage, where percentage on percentage brings massive payment by the end of the week![/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Next way is Team Commission (binary system). You need just two personally enrolled. One on your right and one on your left leg respectively to activate the TC bonus. As your upline signs up new partners, they spill over, that is, they fall under your team. You are paid 5% from each leg or 10% from lesser leg.  Any points not paid in a week are carried over to the following week as long as you are active. Each cycle 300/300 pays you ₦8,400.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Heart of the residual income. GMB (Generation Match Bonus). This is a very unique bonus in our compensation plan. It is not paid in levels, but in Generations. In every Generation, you are paid 5-15% on the the Team Commissions payout of every person. For example, some top earners in Rain International are paid on only 5 Generations yet. And their monthly earnings are over $100,000! So they still have 2 more Generations to earn from.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Ownership Bonus Pool. This bonus is paid out to all Diamond and above ranks. On a quarterly basis, the equivalent of 1.5% of all Rain Global Sales is paid out to partners. The bonus is not fixed because every week our sales go higher and higher.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Additional way is Lifestyle Bonus. After the Gold rank, the next positions are referred to as the Elites. At this rank, as long as you keep maintaining it on a weekly base you are paid from ₦28,000 up to ₦280,000 every week. With this bonus, you can buy your dream car, house or any other goal that requires lump sum.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The next way is the RPT which means Rain Partner Team. This is an opportunity to get free boxes from the company on a monthly basis. To get One RPT, you need to personally enroll 2 who will also enroll 2 each. For every Rain Partner Team, you receive credits for 1 box(in amount of $65) which counts for your Autoship(monthly order). The maximum number of free boxes per month is 4.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Rank Advancement Bonus. It is paid only once as a reward of the partner’s hard work. For every rank achieved from Platinum Elite and above there is a fixed one-time payment. It ranges from ₦196,000 to ₦70 million. Would you still claim that this money wouldn’t change your life forever and put all your dreams to reality?[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]In addition to these fantastic payouts, Rain International offers 16 weeks fast track to success called RAIN MKR system. Follow 4,8,12 and 16 weeks plan and earn additional 5-20%. Ask your sponsor for exact steps how to go with it. Rain business is build simple as 1,2,3…[/text_block]
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Why should I join Seeds Revolution team?

  • The more committed you are to build your business more committed we are to help you!
  • Access to our team whatsapp groups where we post all the tips, updates and news
  • With leadership in many different countries that are part of Seeds Revolution Team you can really start building your global business – our mentors are traveling the world to train your new members wherever in this world they are
  • Access to our private facebook training group
  • Customized Seeds Revolution team website
  • Access to our weekly and monthly webinars
  • Special team promotions that are offered from top leaders in our team


…and much more you get with joining Rain International and Seeds Revolution Team!


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