If network marketing was just about labouring
yourself to beg everyone before making sales,
how then do the Pro-marketers make 5-7 figures???

Here is how real network marketers reap huge commissions without solely depending on “the
word of mouth model and downline’s efforts.

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The upliners or supposed ‘Pro-network marketers’ who fed you with the ‘truth’ of how you could only get people and in turn commissions by just talking to people ought to
be in the field converting folks as they advised

After all, they are also in for the commissions,

But NO!!

It seems as though, they aren‟t interested in
the profits, just YOU alone, right?

How deceitful could that be; as such false „truth‟ could be likened to you been told that a HUNGRY MONKEY wouldn‟t touch a bunch of banana you keep beside it.

Depending on just „word of mouth‟ for signing in prospect is a sure ticket to a lifetime of slavery.


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Does your company have attractive incentives or marketable products with sufficient profits?

What level of creativity did your company employ in creating that product? Do you intend promoting just another product similar to that of already established brands? Are the MLM products overpriced when compared to the price range of known brands?



What solid effort has the MLM organization made into creating public awareness and building its repute by securing the recommendation of world-class experts in the field?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″]Or do they like most low-level schemes rely mostly on you and other downlines to labour in creating awareness for it? For instance, going on an aggressive attempt to sell packs of MLM coffees at a price that is higher than the cost of Starbucks coffee is only setting yourself up for failure! Come on, that product is simply unmarketable-what edge does it have over others! If all the questions asked seems like your sojourn in the networking world, then you, my friend have been used and abused in that MLM Company which is only waiting to explode. In the course of our research on how to succeed in network marketing (right after the previous company’s closure), we bumped into a saying by one of the world richest software entrepreneur Bill Gates who said:[/text_block]

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Bill Gates

If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing.

Bill Gates
Founder of Microsoft



We had finally figured out the superior multi-level marketing systems used by a few billionaires like the warrens and bills.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]As at this moment of writing this letter, we have thousands of members all spread across the world, most of whom we have never met, of which they are a sizeable number of our team who we haven’t even had a conversation up till this time. Within just three years, you too can be among the highest earners in the MLM industry.[/text_block]

Finally, how would you feel if we gave you access to our time-tested system that rids-off the old school methods ‘word of mouth’ model that sets you up for unnecessary rejections?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Hey, we respect the old school. We did very well in it for many years. It still has many good (actually essential) things to offer, which we still treasure, teach and train. But it’s 2017! Times have changed…and every year they are changing even faster. The fact is good prospects are not in malls and supermarkets. They are not anxiously waiting by the phone dying to receive your promise-loaded cold calls. The good prospects are online! The internet is full of networkers. They are there by the millions and easy to reach.[/text_block]

Imagine how having a new prospect come to you showing keen interest and you never having to pitch uninterested people again!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Imagine having the ability to sort, keep or pick who you want to have in your team. As we overtime have a knack for only selecting super-motivated and hungry team members who are willing to mplement our system (you wouldn‟t blame us though, some folks can be damn lazy to lift a finger) Friends, this is a long way from where we were just interested in trying to let every Jack and Jill in the bandwagon. If there was an honest, legitimate and strategic way where high-quality leads could have access to you every day via the net, eager to be part of your team; wouldn’t you care to know the way? What if you were treated with respect and seen as an expert or leader instead of being shagged upon would such experience affect your confidence positively?[/text_block]

Having Access to our Automated Internet Network Marketing Funnel System will Overturn Your Woes of Getting Prospects Regularly

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]All you just need to do is: Study the system and guides as presented to you then set up the automated system – (mind you, there‟s some work to be done, don‟t be fooled by the word “automated”.) And wolah, you are sure to have prospects trooping in![/text_block]

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Warren Buffet

Dollar for dollar the best investment BH has ever made.

Warren Buffet
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway



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That statement got us reflecting on what he meant because we were damn sure the “network marketing” this great billionaire philanthropist (who has donated billions of dollars to charitable
causes) was referring to is different from the deceits and lies most self-acclaimed network marketers were referring to.

This new found fact led us to embark on an intensive research that made us stumble upon Warren Buffet‟s quote (in respect of their purchase of several MLM companies) which was described above


Remember, this system lays before you a clear map to help you become a Networking rockstar.


  • No more feeding folks with hypes, or cold calling insanity.
  • Generate as many leads as you have time for.
  • Be looked upon as an authority.
  • Take complete control of lead generation and your marketing business.
  • System based on truth, honesty and transparency
  • Become a TOP marketer in your company.

With this automated system in place, you should be all set to go rock networking, right?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Attempting to apply this system on one of those several pyramid schemes or cheap MLM companies is like trying to fetch water from a stream with a basket. You can’t afford to go down the same lane of dealing with exploiters and rip-offs any longer. The right networking company you need:

Is one that lets you earn on the volume generated by those distributors

That was our experience when we first joined the present networking company. We still work  as the upline whom we registered under had to ensure a downline was signed-up to you before upline could receive that incredible incentive, of which you as an upline do the same as well.

 Is one that requires you to build ONLY one leg of a binary network while the upline sponsors the other 

You don’t want a company giving you insane network marketing conditions (like some companies which requires four legs) which is sure sign that you are going to be their slave. Unlike others, the moment you sign up just one downline at beginning, in addition to the other gotten for you by your upline) you can move up the ranks.

Is one that engages the services of experts in creating and recommending substantial awareness for its product

This fact simply can’t be over talked about. A genuine network marketing company knows that its downlines are simply with them to help reach their domain of influence, and to get all cunny in getting sign-ups. An excellent networking company invests so much in building its authority that they leave their downlines with the task of just reaching out and then let the brand product do the talking!

Is one that rewards each progress made every step of the way

A typical pyramid scheme doesn’t recognize any little steps made until the self-centered requirements have been made; like some company that require you fill all legs before rewarding. But with a few good network marketing companies, you get rewarded for each single sign-up you make. Do you then want to be part of such company that you would be proud of, one that would pamper you for identifying with them? Then brace up yourself as we unveil at last[/text_block]

The Insider Tactics to Explosive Success in Network Marketing

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]After years of research and brainstorming, a complete automated system that allows you to get leads (who are prospects) without having to meet them physically.  You no longer need to subject yourself through any ego-breaking desperate pleas for new members, all thanks to the Internet- the biggest network of our time. Simply get a hold of this system and watch the magic that happens! All you need do is rest on the shoulders of our vast networking experience to achieve a stress-free MLM experience. We will also let you in on a company we most recommend which has all the attributes of the right company we earlier mentioned and we are certain you are asking

Woo, we were blown off by the fact that the world most successful stock trader referred to his investment in MLM as the best investment he had ever made!

Not to forget Robert Kiyosaki’s quote which says:[/text_block]

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Robert Kiyosaki

The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.

Robert Kiyosaki
Founder of the Rich Dad Company



“What will it cost me to be part of this awesome opportunity of a lifetime?”

Well if we were to put a price cap on the automated internet networking system, it would cost over $1,000. But, it ain‟t about the money as we have earned over seven figures in dollars yearly. (Reason for correction, the company shouldn’t settle for less with the six figures
tag, seven figures if excellent for a website) So quickly guess on how much it would cost you to access this system?


WHY? You ask- it’s simply because we have achieved great success with this system over the last  years and in our little way we want to reach out to those who are still being manipulated and abused by several pyramid schemes out there. Get in on board now, or miss out of a golden opportunity of a lifetime! Take the next step and discover how you can completely transform your life by launching a WILDLY profitable new business in record time!


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