Born over 40 years ago and brought up in Lagos NIGERIA into a family of 7 (including both parents) and being the only child of my mother to my father, I got all the attention needed from my father and that caused great envy from some of my siblings (the females).

Lost my mother 32 years ago and living with others had been tough and some great experience. I learnt life through struggle and became determined to become who I want to be. I was brought up to always consult God in all I want to do even as small as lifting spoon so I always go to Him before I start a thing.

Studied science lab tech at Federal University of Technology, (Biochem), Had my B(Ed) from University of ABUJA.

My name is Firdaus O. Mohammed and I joined Rain international Nov.30th 2018. December 28th, 2018 I had this sharp pain and discomfort around my waist moved to the back and started having frequent urination, the pain got worst on 31st Dec and was rushed to the hospital where I was placed on admission and pain relief. I had scan done and the result came out as hydronephrosis where i was referred to a specialist to handle, the specialist asked me to go for another scan again and some blood tests, which I delayed till few weeks after taking my right dosage of rain soul for kidney issues, the second scan came as seeing a little swelling and blood test came as no issues at all,I was also asked to go for higher test to check further which was to go for IVU (special X-Ray) before commencing any treatment at all, I was giving a month to come back for the specials (IVU) as that is the only available closer time because other days were booked already. When I got back home, I decided to start taking more of my rain soul dosage for kidney issues and drink lots of water too which to the glory of God, frequent urination kept reducing and when the IVU was done and result came out, it was said that kidney preserved and no swelling and all things good. (GLORY BE TO GOD) It’s not been an easy journey with my new found love with network marketing as it’s my first ever but with determination and relentless efforts with God making things happening have been able to go this far.

I make sure I speak rain daily, I wouldn’t speak with you without mentioning my health supplement and how great it has been and what God has used it to do for me. I gave myself daily target and weekly target. Seriously from my day one in rain I’ve aimed for as high as diamond. Crazy right! But yes I set the goal to aim at diamond even from having no success line at all.

Though I sometimes or most often don’t meet up my target for some weeks but I don’t allow it weigh me down but set new ones and go for it. Make phone calls to my success lines almost on daily basis and work closely with my up line to achieve great success.

I am always and very ready to learn new things daily in my network business as I’ve never done any before rain international. Wow! Glory be to God as I hit platinum elite in less than 4 months in the business.

As a wife, mother of three boys, (two biological and one adopted), working in an international school with little or no time for any additional business, I took this bold step because of my love for healing through organic, freedom and I am a good spender. So I need more money and my time to spend on people around who need my help.

It’s been awesome and I know I’ve not reached my aim. Let’s go diamond 💎. Glory be to God